Journal of Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Archaeology

Lingue e culture del Mediterraneo antico


Indice degli Abstracts:

Karim Arafat

TITOLO: "War and Greek Sanctuaries in Pausanias' Description of Greece."

In this paper, I consider the relationship between war and Greek sanctuaries as reflected in Pausanias' description of Greece. The evidence of other authors, such as Herodotus, is also considered.
Among themes explored are dedications from military spoils (for example, treasuries); statues of victoriouis generals (e.g. Pausanias, the commander of Plataia, at Sparta); looting of sanctuaries; martial statues (e.g. armed Aphrodite at Sparta and Kythera); dedicated armour (for example, the breastplates of Masistios and Alexander and those dedicated at Gryneion); paintings of battles (e.g. the temenos of Athena and Zeus at Piraeus); cult titles arising from war, e.g. Boundary Apollo at Hermione; the role of oracles and prophets from Olympia, Messenia and other areas in successful military campaigns; the small number of representations of Peace. The role of Sicilian tyrants in Greek sanctuaries is also considered.
War is seen as a major component of dedications at sanctuaries, although there was an attempt to make Olympia a centre of reconciliation and panhellenism after the Persian wars.


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